Life in a camper van what really to expect!

Living in a Camper van, what to really expect.!

I brought mine from gumtree check these out here 

So you’ve made the move already and now its time to finally travel. There are many ways in which you can travel. Use the Hop on Hop off bus, catch the train, even fly. But my all time favourite was travelling in a Camper Van.

Here are my top tips of camper Van living.

1) Find the right one!

Yes I know it sounds silly but this part really matters.
So many people get so caught up in the hype and
excitement of buying a Camper Van that the important factors sometimes fly out of the window. This is going to be the place where you spend most of your time. You’ll eat here, sleep here and this will be the hub of your memories. Make sure you get a mechanical check on your Camper van first and Check where the van has been registered. Do your research, find out if you would be suited more to a self contained van or are you happy with just a bed on the floor.? Do you want a kitchen, pop top, air conditioning.? These are just some of the factors in which you need to consider.

2) Get Personal

When you have found your new home make it your own by putting your stamp on it. There are so many cool designs you can do to add that personal touch. We made our own curtains, collected pin badges from every place we visited, we even gave ours a name. (Very British I know, ours was called TEDDY, strange name to most, but he was brown and fluffy inside so it suited great.!)

3) Don’t over plan

The thing I used to do so much was over plan. There is often so much you miss when heading from point a to point b, its great to make a detour. Allow longer on each route so you can stop and explore those off the road destinations. Those are often the most beautiful destinations, less tourists and more reasons to stay on an adventure.

4) Do your research

My husband and I managed to travel around Australia for over 6 months straight and never pay for accomodation. I know your properly thinking well that’s why I purchased a camper van, but you normally have to pay to park up for the night. We used an app called Wikicamps (check it out here). It give you hundreds of locations that you can stay at for FREE.! (That’s the best word ever when your a backpacker.) Some places are just a field on the road side, others are service stations and some are others even have toilets. Many offer a 24 – 48 hour limit, but are a great stop over just to get your head down for the night.

5) Find the BEST Views.

In a Camper Van you have the opportunity to wake up with the best view. Views that you would only get normally after staying in 5* hotels. Depending if you have a love for beaches, star gazing or mountains find your own hidden piece of paradise and embrace it. Spend nights gazing at the stars or even close enough to hear the sound of waves or waterfall.


6) Embrace it.

Your not always going to be in a place in your life where living in a Camper Van seems like a dream come too. One day you’ll realise you want home comforts, nice restaurants and even a family. Enjoy the moments where you are getting woken up at 6am from the sun light pouring through your window. The never ending taste of 2 minute noodles, not knowing when your next shower will be or constantly running out of power and having no cell phone. I guarantee you that when all of your travelling has finished those will be the moments that you will remember and honestly it will be the best time of your life.!

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