Introducing Thailand

Introducing Thailand

The starting destination of our 4 months travelling around Asia. Thailand has been the place that I have been most excited to visit whilst travelling. It was the location that I found myself dreaming about not knowing when I would visit. I must admit I didn’t think it would have taken me almost 4 years to reach the destination.

Anyone that knows me will say I love the beach, ocean and mountains. Thats why Thailand was screaming to be my ultimate travel destination. However reflecting back now I wish I had visited the Asian country before I spent almost 4 years in Australia. Australian beach honestly blow most of Thailand’s tropical beaches out of the water. Ive been very spoilt living down under. However I can not say I didn’t enjoy Thailand. I had a great time engaging in the culture of each part we visited.

Thailand is such a cheap travel destination. You can pick up a clean private room from just $15 a night including breakfast. Street food starting at just $1 a meal and internal flights and buses cheaper than the price of a taxi ride in western countries. Thailand is filled with tourists from many backgrounds and cultures – backpackers, retired couples, anyone and everyone.

There is so much to see in Thailand and I’ve learnt that every place is completely unique. Northern Thailand is known for its thickly forested mountains inhabited by several hill tribes, each tribe having their own language. With Buddhist temples dating to the Leanna Kingdom. Whilst in Northern Thailand we visited Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai. Part of out time in Chiang Rai we embarked on a 2 day hill trek with a local tribe. The trek was one of hardest treks I have ever done, extreme humidity, slippery and a long way up. It was however one of the best experiences in which I have had in Thailand. Rice whisky and all.

Thailand’s eastern gulf coast is home to Pattaya. I honestly believe that the whole time I was in Pattaya my family friends were laughing at my constant jaw drop. Once a quiet fishing village it is now filled with resorts and the craziest nightlife you will ever see. I’m being 100% serious! A trip down walking street will open up your mind to what Pattaya is all about. From go-go bars, ping pong shows – its a whole new world.

Bangkok needs no introduction. The central hub of Thailand. For a short stay its a great base to see what Thailand has to offer. The sky stations are the best form of transportation at just $1 a journey. Filled with shopping malls, temples and more markets than you will ever require.

The Thai islands are very pretty. Many still coming back to life from the tsunami. You can see where the tsunami hit and the heights in which the water levels reached. The islands are easy to get to by speed boats or a short internal flight. Some of the best scuba diving and snorkelling spots are located around the Phi Phi islands. You may even be lucky enough to set your eyes on the incredible whale sharks.

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