Siem Reap – budget food guide

Siem Reap budget food guide

You are never far away from food options in Siem Reap. Every corner has a juice bar whilst tuk tuk’s roam the streets with food options. Bars and restaurants are so different. Offering a range of both budget and a la carte food options there is something for everyone. As always, we were on a mission, to hunt out the best food options for under $5 a person. The good news is we found plenty of choices. Here are just a few of our favourites.

Let’s talk Coffee

Like any Caffeine addict my days always need to begin with a good coffee. From travelling Australia and South East Asia in a warmer climate, I now appreciate a nice iced coffee. Something packed with the Caffeine hit but refreshing too. We found the best coffee in Siem Reap. For just $1 you can get a tasty latte or cappuccino. Or for an additional $0.25 upgrade to a delicious Iced Coffee.

Location – Chong Phov Khmer

Pastries and Fresh Bread

Check out L.A Bakery. For just $1.25 you can enjoy delicious fresh pastries. Pizza baguettes at just $3 along with Pineapple and caramel cake for just $3 (tastes amazing). A wide selection of fresh goodies available daily. Visit after 6pm for 50% off.!

Location – Son San Road

Traditional Khmer Cuisine

If you are on the hunt for some traditional Khmer food you will be spoilt for choice. A huge range of dishes available from $1 to $20. Most dishes include rice, noodles or bbq meat. For the best value and great home cooking check out Reak Spey Restaurant. A fresh meal for 2 with drinks will set you back just $10.

It’s on fire

Catching your attention as you walk by you can’t miss the Khmer BBQ restaurant. Fresh BBQ food along with curries and traditional Cambodian cuisine. Watch the flames from the pans as they cook up a treat. Enjoy the tastiest vegetables in oyster sauce you’ve ever had. Grab some ribs for $2.50, fresh fish for $2 and a skewer for just $1.50. It’s always busy so get ready to sit next to some strangers and soak up the atmosphere.

Location – Next to pub street

Temple Design Bar and Restaurant

Offering a relaxing but vibrant atmosphere you can not beat this Restauarnt. Contemporary styled with a twist. Enjoy a cold beer for just $0.75 and $2 cocktails. The food is delicious. Enjoy a Khmer Som-law curry for just $2.50. With a menu offering everything from western cuisine to Khmer tastes its a place well worth a visit.

Location – Sok San Rd

Fried Ice cream rolls

After a long day it’s nice to finish off with some ice cream. Pick from any flavour and watch them produce you a mouth watering desert. Made from powdered milk on an iced grill you can watch your sweet fix come alive. From milo, Oreo, fruits and more. Costing from just $1 a tub!

BBQ Baguette

Sometimes the simple dishes are what your taste buds require. For just $1.50 enjoy a warm toasted buttered baguette with 2 sweet BBQ meat skewers. Complimented with a small fresh salad.

Location – Chong Phov Khmer

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