So, your living the dream!

When you sell everything you own, save your backside off for months, even years and decide to go explore this rather large world of ours. Everyone refers to your new social media life as your ‘living the dream’!

Sure you don’t want to spread your beloved journey of travelling the world as a negative review for your friends, family, even the people that you don’t speak too to look at. People only share the good bits. All everyone visions is what you show them. The white sandy beaches, world heritage sites along with the new friends you meet along the way. That’s right your living the dream.

But what is the dream?

Is it the hours that you spend roaming around lost cities not knowing where to go, what to do, or even how to catch a cab in their language.? (Mainly because most of us native English speakers are to lazy to learn languages.)

The times that you get ripped off on money exchange, mugged on the street or even your possessions stolen from your $4 hostel?

Maybe its the times when you have so little money even finding somewhere that sells instant noodles you can afford seemed like a hope and dream.

Or is it the 24hours that you spend on a dodgy night bus or train just to get to your next destination because by saving the extra money you can afford to travel a few days longer.

The non traveller people, the ones that we refer to as tourists not travellers, they will never understand. Their hardships of an horrendous holiday is that their plane was delayed, maybe their check in was later than anticipated or their all inclusive beer wasn’t cold enough. The thing that I have learnt in my 4 years of travel is that they don’t have to understand.

Your the one that has been through it all. You’ve had sleepless nights, hit rock bottom and even had anxiety attacks away from your familiar surroundings. The most important learning curves from your trip will be that you’ve lost track of your materialist lifestyle. You’ve embraced in the culture that others will never understand. The most important part is you know your journey and you done it all yourself. You have made the opportunity to live your life with your eyes wide open.

You’ve seen so much and evolved as a person to. Thats the richness of travelling.

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