Why I didn’t love Kampot

Why I didn’t love Kampot.

Before I go to a new place i spend a huge amount of my time on research. Mainly because i have FMO whilst traveling and want to see everything i can. The articles i had read on Kampot made this town sound incredible. Thriving night life, incredible food and a National Park that would blow your mind. It’s needless to say i was excited.

Upon arriving at this river side town i was surprised by the lack of tourists roaming the city streets. Not saying that i need tourist to have fun. I don’t, a-lot of the time i don’t really like people (thats the anxiety in me surfacing). But the lack of them was rather shocking.

We arrived at our accommodation. That part was great. We stayed just 1km from the main town of Kampot. Our accomodation was a Bamboo bungalow. Beautifully set along the river. The place was great, staff were pleasant and it was clean. At just $20 a night we were onto a winner.

Excited to get our teeth into a new place we ventured into town. Like we normally do in a new place, we hunt to source the best value places to eat. There were not many. From being in Phnom Penh where you could get a tasty dish for just $2 (on average), with a huge variety on every corner. We were stumped as to find anywhere to eat. After walking around the streets we found some restaurants offering food for around $10pp. I know $10 might sound cheap to some, maybe even most. But compared to everywhere else we’ve been in south east Asia $10pp for one meal seemed expensive to us. If the price didn’t put me off the rats roaming the restaurant floors certainly did. After almost 2 hours of searching for a place to eat we found a beautiful restaurant/ cafe over looking the river. Prices ranging from $2-$4 a meal and $0.90 a beer. No rats to be seen, much better.

All of the reviews we had read said about the amount of water sports offered. I love water. However we saw no such thing. The brown river was empty. We couldn’t even locate a tour shop.

After realising there wasn’t much to do here, we were hopeful that the National park would “blow our minds”. Like many had said. Our hotel organised us to go on a day tour for just $13pp. Great price. From most reviews it was clear that at any point fog could come and you would have zero view from the mountains. This just so typically happened to us. As soon as we entered the bus the heavens opened. I know rain cant be helped and that nature will be nature. Going up the mountain the fog began to get thicker. The driver could hardly see 2 meters in front of his window screen. To sum it up our whole day was spent like this. Soaking wet and no view. It was no wonder I didn’t have a blast. But like I said prior, I know these things cant be helped.

For the next 36 hours it done nothing but down poor. With no shopping centres to visit. Not many open bars. We spent the whole time in our bungalow.

Kampot hasn’t made a positive impression on me. For one of the first times ever, its not a place I’m wanting to revisit.

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