Giving instead of binning.

Somethings the things that you deem worthless are actually a lot to other people. For example that old pair of shoes with no tread – in India they add tread to old shoes. Clothes with a small hole, nothing a bit of patch work cant fix, even old dresses with a broken strap. To others these items are gold. Many of us are fortunate enough to never have to worry about things like that, but some people couldn’t ever afford new – clean clothes. Many places I’ve visited in Asia people have shirts with big rips and would love to own what we believe are tatty old clothes.

Whilst in India we had to reduce our luggage down from 20kg to 15kg. I know your properly thinking wow thats a heap of baggage for a traveller – but were relocating from Australia to England for a while and we really do have most of our world on our backs. During reducing our luggage we reduced our clothing – mainly shorts and dresses. I also gave up my trusty air hammock that I taker everywhere to save a couple of kilos.

Getting ready for an early morning departure we ordered room service at our hotel. A rare luxury for us on a budget. When the man bought our food to the room he instantly noticed our unpacked piles to the side. He asked “What is this?” We showed him and he had the biggest smile on his face when we said he could have them. To us clothes we had worn non stop for the last 3 months were now his treasure. He was so happy and couldn’t wait to get home and share them with his family.

It’s the little things in life that make the biggest difference.

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