The Lotus Temple

With more than 4 million visitors a year the Lotus Temple is a place not to be missed.

Set in south Delhi you will find the Lotus Temple. Surrounded by a large Green landscape of 26 acres its about a 10 minute walk from the metro. The closest metro is the Kalkaji Mandir located on the violet line. The Lotus Temple is also know as the Bahai House of worship or Bahai Mashriqul-Adhkar Temple. There is no mistaking that the Lotus Temple is one of the best architectural designs within india. Shaped like the Lotus flower – with a slight resemblance to the Sydney Opera house. The Lotus Temple is a place where many religions gather to pray, meditate , relax even study. Inside there is a strict no noise policy along with no shoes.

The Temple is relatively new and was completed in 1986. Today it is still one of the most visited places in the world. Made from pure white marble imported from the Penteli mountain in Greece. The structure is made from 9 sides in 3 different sizes forming 27 marble petals.

As you enter the grounds of the Lotus Temple you first must go through a body scanner machine – also your bags. This is rather normal procedure for india. The Temple is free to enter. You make your way around the lush green gardens and then meet the path that connect you to the temple. There is no mistaking the building is beautiful.

Once you reach the temple you are given a bag to put your shoes in. You then walk up the steps onto the temple grounds. Surrounded by 9 blue water pools gives it a beautiful setting. Watch out tho the floor is blistering hot – you will find yourself running for a shady patch.

The inside of the temple is also as breath taking as the outside. Designed perfectly and meeting together in the middle with a lotus. With a capacity of 2500 people the Lotus stands 40m high. With the left side of the temple air-conditioned it a spectacular place to absorb yourself into the architecture and relax for a while.

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