5 Things to do in Kandy

Located in central Sri Lanka you find Kandy. Surrounded by mountains and rainforest. Misty mountains and often wet. We stayed in Kandy for one night. Taking the local bus from Colombo – Kandy taking 4 hours. Costing just 180 rupees each. We arrived at the popular city near the train station. Taking a tuk tuk for just 200 rupees to our guesthouse. We stayed in a local guest house about 2km into the mountains. Costing $21per night.


We enjoyed walking around the town. From brightly coloured buildings and more bakeries than your eyes can handle. The lake is the central hub of Kandy. Named the Bogambara Lake. A popular spot for people to take a stroll around. Kandy is also popular for its tropical plantations, mainly tea. Relax in a restaurant or take a shopping trip in the mall, Kandy can keep you occupied for a day or two. 

Top 5 things to do in Kandy?

1.Temple of the tooth. 

Although you never see the tooth, the temple the tooth is Sri Lanka’s most important Buddhist relic. A visit to the temple will also allow you access to a series of smaller temples, shrines and museums. Cost 600 rupees. 

2. Kandy Lake

A walk around a lake is always a great way to unwind. Kandy lake is situated in the hub of the city. In the centre of the lake is a temple used by the emperor’s personal harem. Wallking around the lake you will see large amounts of wildlife. From dogs, ducks and pelicans.

3. Giragama Tea Plantation

Why not visit a tea plantation in Kandy?Sri Lanka is one of the worlds largest producers of tea. Located on the outskirts of the city you can get a good look at how tea is made. From green tea to Earl Grey your cuppa will never taste the same again. 

4.Garrison Cemetery 

Containing the remains of about 150 British souls. Buried in the early 19th century. Most of the Brits were very young. Victims of malaria, war and cholera. Stopping to read the epitaphs as you make your way around. Its a cemetery different to most.

5. Peradeniya Botanic Gardens 

Located just outside Kandy you will find the grounds that were once reserved for Kandyan Royalty. Today it is open to the public. Covering a size of 60 hectares. It’s Sri Lanka’s biggest botanic garden. Enjoy a walk whilst taking in the beautiful fresh colours of the garden.

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