Top 5 things to do in Ella

If you are anything like me Ella is sure to become your perfect paradise. A small town surrounded by the beautiful mountain ranges. You will not be lost for things and places to explore. Unlike Colombo and Kandy, Ella’s small main strip has a great choice of restaurants and cafes. We only had 2 days in Ella. Here are my top 5 things to do.

Ella’s Mountain Views

1.Climb little Adams peak

Little Adams peak is one of the less demanding climbs. The majority of the walk is from the town on rustic roads. The last half is where the climb begins. The climb takes you into the mountain range, weaving around as you ascend up. Meeting around 150 concrete steps you climb to the summit. The views are beautiful, more mountain ranges, waterfalls and windy town roads.

Life on the edge at little Adam’s peak

2. 9 Arches Bridge

The iconic picture spot is only a short walk from the town centre. Walk through the jungle and over the train lines. With a backdrop of tea plantation and more lush green its a popular tourist spot. Enjoy sitting on the bridge as the train passes through. The walk through the tunnel is also rather fun. Time it right for the train arriving at 12:30 and watch it roll over the bridge and into the tunnel towards Ella.

9 Arch Bridge

3. Ella’s Rock

If your feeling more adventurous a climb up Ella’s rock will give you a leg burn with a rewarding view. About a 3.5 hour round trip from the towns centre. Walk up the train tracks as you climb to the top.

4. Mingle with the locals

It’s a nice atmosphere in Sri Lanka and the locals really make you feel welcome in their country. Spend some time learning their way of life. From picking tea leaves or taking a cooking class – its a great way to get into the culture.

5. Enjoy the local Cafe and Bars

You will not be short of options in Ellas town. Compared to Colombo and Kandy, a great selection of modern and local food is not far away. From Sri Lanka’s famous tea to cocktails and beer. It’s a nice place to lose some time and unwind.

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