Hi Im Crystal


Back in 2014 I had a “perfect life”. I was married to an amazing husband, brought a house, had a good job and no debt. Traveling had always been something that I had wanted to do growing up. One day whilst I was  at work I realised the if I didn’t do something to change this “perfect life” it would never changed. Before long I would be middle aged always thinking what it – so that was it. I WAS GOING TRAVELING!

When I got home I had a conversation with my husband (Richard). It was very one sided and went along the lines of “I’m going traveling are you coming?” He said YES and the adventure began.

We both quit our jobs, sold most things we owned, rented out the house and packed our backpacks. We were off on a Wanderlust adventure. To be completely honest I had no idea what I was doing. I was 24, now completely out of my comfort zone – but starting what I had always dreamed of. This was really happening all because I had the courage to start it. If you would have told me then that 4 years later I would still be travelling I would never have believed you.

From travelling I have learnt so much. Ive truely opened my heart up to the world. I’m Not saying that travelling saved me or anything, I’m just saying that it opened up my eyes. Covering 6 contents, over 20 countries and being lost in the right direction. The people I have met will forever hold the biggest space in my heart. This is my  journey and I believe it will never have a true destination.

Keep following as myself and Richard share more of our stories from around the globe.